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Expertise / Operations

By acquiring a 20 year old parenteral giant, Nirlife began its operations in 2006 with parenteral preparations and in less than six years, expanded to eight manufacturing facilities. Over the years, Nirlife has grown from strength-to-strength and reached an unmatched annual production capacity of parenteral fluids, disposable medical devices and various formulations. Aculife (Nirlife) is today, one of Asia’s largest Integrated Manufacturers of life saving products, medical devices, pharmaceutical formulations and healthcare related products.

A pioneer in making high quality healthcare products accessible for the masses and a nurturer of millions of lives across the world, today Aculife (Nirlife) is a distinguished leader who has an expertise in life saving products along with medical devices, pharmaceutical formulations and healthcare & wellness products.

This makes it a trusted partner for hospitals and medical practitioners having an integrated facility to offer such products.

Translating technology into optimal healthcare solutions, Aculife (Nirlife) offers an extensive range of life saving products right from basic solutions to critical care products. Basic solutions include Dextrose and Electrolyte containing products, anti-infectives, Osmotic Diuretics, Peritoneal dialysis solution and irrigation solutions.

Large Volume Parenterals includes intravenous infusions, electrolytes osmotic diuretics, peritoneal dialysis solutions, irrigation solutions (ranging from 100 to 3000 ml), etc. All are available in different presentations like nipple head bottles, euro head bottles, glass bottles, single and multi-chamber infusion bags to cater to diverse requirements of different markets worldwide.

LVPs SVP Eurohead
LVPS SVPs Eurohead bottles

Small Volume Parenterals:

Aculife (Nirlife) offers the complete range of small volume injectables in sizes ranging from 0.5 ml to 100 ml, which includes aseptically filled products and post-sterilized products like dry powder injectables, lyophilized products, liquids in form of aqueous, emulsions and suspensions. These cover various therapeutic segments like antiemetic (Metoclopramide, Ranitidine), proton pump inhibitors (Omeprazole, Pantoprazole), cephalosporins, pencillins, intravenous antibiotics including general and advanced molecules (Ciprofloxacin, Ofloxacin, Levofloxacin, Metronidazole, Tinidazole, Fluconazole and Linezolid) Diuretics (Frusemide,), Opthalmic preparations (Ciprofloxacin, Norfloxacin, Ofloxacin with and without Dexamethazone), etc. in various presentations including plastic ampoules, glass ampoules and glass vials

Aculife (Nirlife) also offers diluents such as sterile water for injection, normal saline, sodium bicarbonate in a volume range of 0.5 to 30 ml.

Disposable Medical Devices:

Aculife (Nirlife) offers complete range of medical disposable devices under brand name ‘OneUse’ and thus contributes in fight against dangerous reuse of syringes and other products – a major cause of blood-transmitted diseases. The name “OneUse” itself reflects the company’s objective of creating awareness about “single use” and thus ensuring the "safety, hygiene and care” of patients.

The “OneUse’ range comprises: 2 & 3 Piece Syringes, Needles, Insulin Syringes, Intravenous infusion Sets, Blood Transfusion Sets, Micro Drip infusion sets, Measured Volume Sets, Diapers, Gloves, etc.

Aculife (Nirlife) products are manufactured in a fully-integrated and highly-automated state-of-the-art manufacturing facility (featuring Fully Automatic Injection Moulding, Online Inspection during Assembly of components, and 100% EO sterilization), making ‘OneUse’ range widely acknowledged for its offering of “ safety, hygiene and care”

MDD products
MDD Products

Critical care products: comprise of Anesthesia range, Total parenteral nutrition, Plasma expanders and Blood-related products enabling efficient supportive therapies in critical conditions such as Cancer, AIDS, Hemorrhage or Sepsis.

Anesthesia Products:

Aculife (Nirlife) offers complete range of Anesthesia Products that comprises of both age old anesthetic molecules and newer generation advanced anesthetic molecules, along with supportive therapy to anesthesia like Muscle Relaxants and Reversal Agents.

Safety of patients and speedy recovery is the major concern for patients undergoing surgery. New generation anesthetic molecule- “Propofol” offers speedy recovery and less risk to patients.

Aculife (Nirlife) has an expertise in such technology-driven product offered under brand name “Nirfol’.

Anesthesia products TPN
Anesthesia products TPN and EN products

Total Parenteral Nutrition and Enteral Nutrition:

During critical illness like cancer, sepsis, trauma, coma and in major surgeries, patients are either on diet restriction or unable to take nutrition orally. In such conditions, patients deprive from adequate calories intake required for recovery.

Aculife (Nirlife) offers a complete range of parenteral nutrition products that meets the nutrition requirement of such deprived patients in critical conditions and thus helps in faster recovery.

Nirlife product offerings comprises of, ready to use Parenteral Nutrition products such as Parenteral Amino Acid  (NIRMIN), Parenteral Fat emulsions (NIRPID), Disease specific Nutrition (NIRMIN HEPA / NIRMIN NEPHRO) and Combi-packs of Carbohydrate, Amino acid and Fat emulsion (NIRMIX) to meet with the nutrition requirement of patients, as recommended by Medical Practitioners. These products are available both in glass bottles and single/ multi-chamber bags.

Nirlife also offers immunity enhancer “L- Glutamine” under brand name “Glutanir” in oral and parenteral form and ensures faster recovery.

Plasma Volume Expanders:

In situation like shock when the circulatory blood volume is less and survival is at risk, plasma volume expander is the best choice to save a life by increasing circulatory blood volume. Aculife (Nirlife) offers Plasma Volume Enhancers like Tetrastarch (NIRHES 130), Pentastarch (NIRHES 200) and Dextran (NIRTRAN). These Plasma Volume Enhancers adequately improve blood circulation and save patients by avoiding multi-organ failure.

PVE TetraHes
PVE NIRHES- 130 (TetraStarch)

Advanced Anti-infectives:

Aculife (Nirlife) offers advanced molecules in injectable antibiotic categories such as Meropenem, Imipenem, Doripenem, Ertapenem, Cefoperazone+Sulbactum. These products are considered as the last resort to control serious infections like Septicemia and Bacteremia, when other common antibiotics fail.

Aculife (Nirlife) also offers Specialty Anti-infective products in kit form (Meronir Kit, Cefonir Kit, Iminir kit, Pipranir kit). These ready-to-use kits are for quick administration and comprise Anti-infective vial, reconstitution device, reconstitution solutions and infusion set.

Along with Intravenous antibiotics, Aculife (Nirlife) also offers complete range of anti-infectives in oral dosage forms such as tablets, capsules, syrups, emulsions and thus ensure faster recovery from infectious diseases.

Advanced Antibiotic Blood related products
Advanced Antibiotic Blood related products

Blood-related Products:

In critical illness such as Renal diseases, cancer, etc. blood formation gets affected, resulting into Anemia. Aculife (Nirlife) offers Erythropoietin and Iron sucrose injection under brand name “EPO” and “Sucronir” respectively to treat anemic patients.

Aculife (Nirlife) also offers blood products like Immunoglobulin G under the brand name “IVIG” to save life of patients in critical situation.

Incidences of blood clotting in blood vessels are high after surgery or during haemodialysis. To reduce such incidences and to prevent patients from experiencing further clotting in blood vessels, Nirlife offers Heparin under the brand name “HEPANIR”.

Other  General Therapeutic Segments & Over the counter products:

Aculife (Nirlife) offers a complete range of healthcare products covering general therapeutic segments like Pain Management, Cough & Cold medicine, Gastric Preparations, Mouth Preparations (gargles, mouth ulcer gel), Hormones, Gynecological Preparations, Vasodilator Drugs, Anti-viral, Anti-hemorrhagic, Anti-inflammatories, Anti-rheumatoid etc.

In order to provide high quality healthcare products to its valued customers, Aculife (Nirlife) offers range of wellness products includes Analgesic cream and pills, Energy drink (ENERG) and thus strengthens its presence in the Pharma industry.

Pharma Formulations
Pharma formulations