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Welcome to Nirlife Healthcare..


Established in 1969, Nirma has earned a strong presence in millions of households within as well as beyond Indian frontiers. And today this name spells unparalleled growth and absolute reliability, with a market leader position in one of the largest economy.Nirma draws its inspiration from customer - centric vision, and is committed to offer quality products and services that maximize value to its valued customers.

Furthering its vision to help its valued customers, in 2006, Nirma entered the healthcare segment under brand "Nirlife", a visionary initiative helping medical practitioners in their noble cause to save life, world wide.

Nirlife offers high quality healthcare products wiht a goal to create healthier generations of mankind.After all, health is happiness.

Dedicated to Life-care, beyond healthcare

Nirlife, a healthcare division of Nirma, was foudned by acquiring a pioneer Parenterals manufacturing giant, with a sterling track record of two decades. The objective here is to make high quality healthcare products easily accessible to masses. Eventually, Nirlife as on date has evolved as one of world's largest manufacturer of Parenterals, Medical Devices and pharmaceutical formulation under one roof.

Comprehensive Product offerings, Optimal Care

Beiginning its tryst with healthcare with Parenteral products, Nirlife soon diversified and expanded its capabilities to offer a basket of 1000 plus healthcare and wellness products.

These includes Hospital care products, Medical Devices, Critical care Medicines like Anesthesia Products, Plasma Volume Expander, Total Parenteral Nutrition, Advanced antibiotics and widely preferred antibiotics, Blood related products and Pharmaceutical formulations like Pain Management Products, Gastric preparations, Gynecological Preparations, Hormones, Anti-rheumatoids, Anti-allergy, Anti-asthamatics, Anti Malarials, Antivirals, Neutraceuticals, Growth Preparations, Vasodilators, Diagnostics, Steroids and many more branded Over The Counter (OTC) products.

All products are produced wiht care, with the belief that the quintessential component of a happy life is, good health. Health=Happiness, A theory That Needs No Hypothesis.

The manufacturing facility is WHO GMP, CE and ISO certified. The set-up is equipped with quality systems and processes to adhere stringent evaluation parameters and to sustain growth through innovation, R&D and state-of-art analytical infrastructure in healthcare segment.

Nirlife brand is established with a vision to attain significant presence in healthcare segment globally through cost effectiveness, innovation and quality healthy life to the end-user...

Oneuse range of products

Nirlife offers complete range medical disposable devices under brand name 'Oneuse' and thus contributes to fight against dangerous reuse of syringes and other products - a major cause of blood transmitted diseases.

The name "Oneuse" itself, reflects the company's objective of creating awareness for "Single Use",a nd thus ensuring the "Safety, Hygiene and Care" of patients.

The "Oneuse" range comprises: 2 piece and 3 piece syringes, needles, Insulin syringes, Intravenous Infusion sets, Blood Transfusion sets, Micro Drip Sets, Measured Volume Sets, Adult diapers, Examination gloves and Surgical gloves, Scalp vein sets etc.

Nirlife products are manufactured in a fully integrated and highly automated state of the art manufacturing facility (featuring fully automatic injection moulding, online inspection during assembly of components, and 100% EO sterilization), making 'Oneuse' range widely acknowledged for its offering of "Safety, Hygiene and Care".

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